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Dr. S. Lakshmi, Ph.D


Dr. S. Lakshmi, Ph.D


International Journals

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  • Lakshmi.S, Giridharan Shanmugam, Selvi Rangam, Kayalvili,K.K (2017), "Prevalence of Surgical Site Inspection and Antimicrobial Sensitivity pattern in patients attending a tertiary care hospital in South India, A Prpspective Case study , Journal of Patients safety and Inspection Control, 5,12-17.
  • Lakshmi,S, Kamaraj,C, Rose,C , Muralidharan,C (2017), Wet Blue Fibre and Lime from Leather Industry Solid Waste as Stabilizing Additive and Filler in Design of Stone Matrix Asphalt, Asian Journal of Research in Social Science and Humanities, 7,240-257.
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