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Division of Structural Engineering

The Division of Structural Engineering was established in the year 1955 under the auspices of the Department of Civil Engineering. The main objective of this division has been to enhance the Pedagogy and rendering of the Structural Engineering Principles, Techniques and Codes through Higher Education, Research and Extension work.

This Division over the years has evolved and has now emerged as a Centre of Excellence and a knowledge hub for Structural Engineering education meted out, as mentioned above, through Research, Consultancy and Extension work thus helping engineers to design, construct, and maintain various types of structures even while advocating quality improvement, ways of strengthening and checking structural stability and creating cost effective structural designs.

Consequently this Division today is recognized as a beacon of light illuminating and edifying several committees to constitute and frame policies, for the implementation of government schemes and also the projects of private entrepreneurs. There is a constant outflow of new findings, constructive ideas and propositions - the result of the untiring research, presented to the society through dissertations or research papers, of both national and international standards - to enrich and stabilize the walks of the Structural Engineering World.

In addition to teaching, the division is undertaking testing of structural and construction materials and also offering consultancy to various prestigious organisations either as part or turnkey projects. In addition, it is also receiving grants from various organisations for sponsored research programmes.

The division is involved in research related to new materials, behaviour of structures, application of new techniques to structural analysis and design of structures for dynamic loads.

As a recognition of its excellence, the division is receiving financial grant from UGC, AICTE, DST and various other organisations and ministries of the Central and State governments.